1. If I could, I would make…


    Ian Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Raleigh.

  2. I’m afraid of…

    Not trying

    Rae Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Atlanta November 2013.

    (Source: creativemornings)


  3. My favorite playground memory as a child is…

    a swing set production of CATS

    @nycjoshblack Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/NewYork October 2013 with Darrell Hammond.

  4. creativemorningsmadrid:

    Algunas de las #icebreakertags de la última Creative Mornings Madrid: Connect, con la pregunta ¿Con qué o con quién te gustaría conectar?


  5. The first thing I ever remember breaking was..

    ϟ HEARTS ϟ

    @jemmussari Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/NewYork September 2013 with Ayah Bdeir.

  6. Welche Vorteile haben gemischte Teams?


    Belma Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Zürich August 2013 with Valérie Vuillerat.

  7. How do I stay connected?


    Sonia Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Vancouver September 2013 with Matthew Clark.

  8. O que liga o público a peca?

    Os Actores

    Paulo Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Porto September 2013 with Ana Luena.

  9. Petek trinajsti. Idealen dan za…


    @nancagracar Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Ljubljana September 2013 with Eike König.

  10. What is the most creative thing you’ve ever eaten?

    humble pie ;)

    @knemsoff Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Austin June 2013 with Sonya Coté.

  11. What do you do the “wrong” way?


  12. What year would you travel backwards in time to?


    @LukeMcDonneil Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Dublin May 2013 with Brian McMahon.

  13. Hello, my name backwards is:


    Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Atlanta May 2013 with Jeff Shinabarger.

  14. The food I’d most like to grow is..

    Japanese Turnips

    @MarcSchutzbank Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/Vancouver June 2013 with Ilana Labow and Marc Schutzbank.

  15. The first line of my obituary will be…

    …was a natural redhead and lived her life accordingly.

    @reneemud Icebreaker Tag at CreativeMornings/NewYork May 2013 with Seth Godin.